Why did we start Happy Factory?

Our origin story isn't epic, meaningful or deserving of a kickstarter-style piece to camera. It's was actually pretty ordinary to be honest. 

Our founder Drew was on the hunt for a last-minute gift (again!) for a sassy mate in Melbourne who was celebrating her 40th. Overwhelmed by how seriously ordinary the options were online (flowers = snooze, shortbread & shiity wine hampers = ewww), he instead took the afternoon off to swing by a handful of his go-to stores to get the card, the packaging, the gag gift for LOLs and the nice gift for the warm and fuzzies. 

In short, the gift went down a treat and prompted Drew to create Happy Factory with the help of a bunch of his mates.

Happy Factory is on a mission to put an end to generic internet gifting and exists to bring a moment of delight (or better yet, a big ROFL) to celebrations big, small and everything in between.

We are the antidote to generic gift hampers, plastic-wrapped flowers and thoughtless gift cards, scouring the globe to find curious, offbeat items as unique as the people who receive them. The cherry on top is the range of free, quirky cards that we custom-designed to make that unwrapping moment all the more special. 

We hope that Happy Factory sorts you out the next time you're in a gifting bind and puts a smile on the dial of your 'someone special'.


Why did we start Happy Factory?