The Besties Box


When what you really want to say is ‘you are literally THE BEST I love you so much I wish we could get married except I don’t really swing that way bar that one time in uni, not that ‘that way’ is bad it’s just, well you know, but anyway YOU ARE SO AWESOME’, the Besties Box is waiting in the wings to say ‘hush those sweet lips of yours and let me do the talking’. 

The guys at Hey Tiger made things easy for us with a bar of Besties Chocolate spiked with coconut and caramelised popcorn. It’s a celebration of everything that makes you both BFFs. Like that time you both laughed so hard a little bit of pee came out! As it happens there’s a Fruit-Flavoured Gum for that (I know right?) so we couldn’t help but throw a pack in. Teaming with that theme (the sugar one, not the pee one), we continue the sweetness with an adorable pair of Mint Chip IceCream Socks by Luckies and some Happy Factory Popcorn.

Top up the ‘splurge card’, collect all your change and throw it into your cheeky little Card & Coin Purse by Blue Q because adventure awaits. Meanwhile the What Can I Do Today Activity Box by DOIY and Gummy Bear Puzzle by Areaware will keep you and your bestie occupied. Keep track of your exploits in the I Have No Idea What I’m Doing Notebook by Typo because let’s face it, ‘fake it til you make it’ are words to live and die by.

And if they haven’t got the message, the final act of bestie big-upping is a couple of World’s Greatest Human Balloons. They may not last forever, but you’ve got each other for that. Xo.

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