The Warm & Fuzzy Box


Open up and say awwwwwwwwww.  Our favourite warm & fuzzy items have come out to play for this ultimate act of x’s and o’s. 

It’s comforting knowing that instant warmth is only a snap away with the reusable Pocket Hotty from Independence Studios. Keep the cocooning in full effect with a mug of Organic Sweet Dreams Tea by Higher Living. Ahhhhhhhhh. And if they weren’t already sweet enough, we’ve thrown in the perfect little accompaniments in the form of a Creamy Chocky by Loving Earth and some sugary sweet Happy Factory Popcorn.

We’ve also added the cutest little cuddler you ever did see. The Florino Flexible Vase by Peleg Design Studio has bendy, flexible arms ready to hold on TIGHT! The cuteness continues with a Pink Pantone Notebook, the most perfectly-sized, handbag-friendly notepad that’s always at the ready for the next moment of genius. 

And just to make sure that the warm & fuzzies reach maximum fuzziness, we close out the box with a couple World’s Greatest Human Balloons because it never hurts to give a gentle reminder. :)

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All gift boxes from the Happy Factory Collection come in our trademark, bold, eco-friendly packaging with a personalised card slipped into the top sleeve (you'll be prompted to add this at checkout) and a clever box descriptor that links to a custom Spotify playlist. Gifts are shipped in a protective, compostable mailer.

Sustainable Packaging

All Happy Factory packaging uses recycled (and recyclable) materials, eco-inks and is manufactured right here in Australia.

Speedy Delivery

Next day delivery available for Sydney orders. Standard and Express Shipping available via Australia Post means Australia-wide shipping is only a click away.

Packed With Personality

Our gifts are dripping in personality. From bright, bold packaging & witty cards to custom Spotify playlists made for each 'collection' gift box, a Happy Factory gift delivers so much more than our 'floral friends' and 'cocoa cousins'. ;)