The 9 to 5 Box


Celebrating a new job, a big-time promotion, a colleague you think is awesome or just wanting to help someone feel a little more ‘officey’ while working from home? The 9 to 5 box has everything your favourite little ladder-climber needs!

We’ve included some desk basics to immediately turn that workspace from drab to fab. The wooden Snake Plant ‘Pop Plant’ by FRED looks cute as a button, doesn’t need any watering and doubles as a handy pen holder. Meanwhile The Daily Mood gives coworkers fair warning from afar with 47 moods to choose from. Current mood: Fabulous!

They say it’s best not to let things get to your head when you're kind of a big deal at work. We say, ‘let it get to your head you fantastic overachiever!’. Which is why we’ve included a Because I Said So Mug - because #bossvibes - along with the Notes for My Personal Assistant Notebook by Typo to write notes for your personal assistant. Der. 

Finally, a couple top drawer necessities. A sneaky block of The Weekend Chocolate by Hey Tiger to remind you that you’re never more than five days away from freedom, some Happy Factory Popcorn to snack on and a couple Generic Celebratory Balloons to use when you inevitably forget your colleagues birthday/retirement/baby shower. You’re welcome. 

Now back on that hamster wheel you cute little moneymaker!

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All gift boxes from the Happy Factory Collection come in our trademark, bold, eco-friendly packaging with a personalised card slipped into the top sleeve (you'll be prompted to add this at checkout) and a clever box descriptor that links to a custom Spotify playlist. Gifts are shipped in a protective, compostable mailer.

Sustainable Packaging

All Happy Factory packaging uses recycled (and recyclable) materials, eco-inks and is manufactured right here in Australia.

Speedy Delivery

Next day delivery available for Sydney orders. Standard and Express Shipping available via Australia Post means Australia-wide shipping is only a click away.

Packed With Personality

Our gifts are dripping in personality. From bright, bold packaging & witty cards to custom Spotify playlists made for each 'collection' gift box, a Happy Factory gift delivers so much more than our 'floral friends' and 'cocoa cousins'. ;)