Fluffe Gourmet Fairy Floss

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Premium Flavoured Fairy Floss made in Sydney Australia.

Choose From:

Birthday CakeFluffy white cake floss, layered with vanilla frosting and a generous topping of rainbow sprinkles - make a wish!

Boys TearsBittersweet vanilla carefully infused with only the cutest of boys' tears, for a sweet and salty satisfaction.

Rose: Soft pink floss with a delicate floral flavour, and the aroma of a dozen freshly-cut roses.

Champagne: This sparkling floss has a deliciously tangy character that can be savoured anytime, anywhere.

Salted Caramel: This floss is made using a salted brown-sugar base, which gives it a richer, full-bodied flavour, with that classic caramel taste.

Buttered Popcorn: This buttery fresh, sweet and salty floss is perfect for satisfying that movie-theatre craving at home. No microwave required!

Hawaiian Breeze: A tropical blend of bright pineapple, juicy red cherry and golden mango; fresh from the Hawaiian shores of your mid-week daydream.

Watermelon: Juicy red watermelon floss speckled with tiny crunchy sugar-seeds, that pack a little sour punch with every bite.


Sustainable Packaging

All Happy Factory packaging uses recycled (and recyclable) materials, eco-inks and is manufactured right here in Australia.

Speedy Delivery

Next day delivery available for Sydney orders. Standard and Express Shipping available via Australia Post means Australia-wide shipping is only a click away.

Packed With Personality

Our gifts are dripping in personality. From bright, bold packaging & witty cards to custom Spotify playlists made for each 'collection' gift box, a Happy Factory gift delivers so much more than our 'floral friends' and 'cocoa cousins'. ;)