Ocelot Organic Artisan Chocolate

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Speciality organic chocolate handmade and designed in a micro chocolate factory in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Choose from:

Black CherryTart cherries enveloped in smooth, rich, dark chocolate.

Femme: An exceptional organic dark milk chocolate made from rare Amelonado cocoa beans grown by a pioneering women’s cooperative in Eastern Congo, and the rich milk of Swiss Brown cows.

Sea Salt: Smooth organic dark chocolate with a salty-sweet kick of hand-harvested sea salt from the isle of Skye.

Violet Milk: Creamy and smooth organic dark milk chocolate, gently lifted with a subtle infusion of violet.

Blood Orange: Ultra-smooth organic dark chocolate, infused with sweet, tangy, blood orange and a touch of creamy vanilla.

White Almond: Creamy and sweet organic white chocolate with crisp, salty almonds.



Sustainable Packaging

All Happy Factory packaging uses recycled (and recyclable) materials, eco-inks and is manufactured right here in Australia.

Speedy Delivery

Next day delivery available for Sydney orders. Standard and Express Shipping available via Australia Post means Australia-wide shipping is only a click away.

Packed With Personality

Our gifts are dripping in personality. From bright, bold packaging & witty cards to custom Spotify playlists made for each 'collection' gift box, a Happy Factory gift delivers so much more than our 'floral friends' and 'cocoa cousins'. ;)