teaslut. Fabulous Organic Loose Teas

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A cheeky range of designer teas blended and packed in Sydney using all natural, certified organic ingredients. Be sure to add an infuser to your order to make the most out of these delightful loose teas!

Choose from:

Be Gone Foul Demon. Welcome to the exorcist of tea! This naturopathically-approved blend is designed to assist in cleansing toxins and reducing bloating. But don’t be alarmed, this delightful tea is anything but evil with spicy notes of cinnamon, the sweetness of liquorice root, berry notes from honeybush and pretty rose & calendula petals. Some might say it’s simply angelic!

Binge That Ginge. A classic little combo that packs a punch, this charming caffeine-free blend features the natural minty-citrusy flavour of lemongrass with spicy dried shards of ginger. Smooth and soothing, this herbal ‘greatest hit’ has been found to aid digestion and ease inflammation so binge on baby!

Calm Down Crazy. Designed for those days you need to say VAMOS to the voices in your head! This naturally caffeine-free tea features a delightfully soothing blend of lemon balm & chamomile with liquorice root, orange peel & peppermint to add a lush burst of sweetness. Oh and if the voices in your head persist you might wanna see someone. Just sayin’.

Chai Love You. Hold onto your hat cause you’re in for a ride! Chai Love You is a sultry little take on the classic Masala Chai. Starting with premium organic Assam black tea, there's a healthy dose of cardamom, star anise, clove, ginger, peppercorn and cinnamon and then surprise attack with a sweet, natural malted caramel.

Go The F*ck To Sleep. When the daily hustle has left you tweaking come bed time, Go The F*ck To Sleep is the snuggle buddy you’ve been searching for. Traditional yawn-inducing ingredients like skullcap and chamomile have been artfully blended with passionflower, lavender and lemon balm to whisper you sweet nothings as you drift off to Snoozetown.

teaslut Infuser. This psychedelic infuser is the perfect accompaniment. Love heart infuser with teaslut branded charm.


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All Happy Factory packaging uses recycled (and recyclable) materials, eco-inks and is manufactured right here in Australia.

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Our gifts are dripping in personality. From bright, bold packaging & witty cards to custom Spotify playlists made for each 'collection' gift box, a Happy Factory gift delivers so much more than our 'floral friends' and 'cocoa cousins'. ;)